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Manakeep 728x90
(Aug 24, 2016)
2 weeks of nolifing at release!
(Aug 22, 2016)
not sure i could put up with all the lag and realm restarts/crashes and queues to get on the server. and working till the saturday after release :(
(Aug 22, 2016)
I'm not staying awake at release, but I will be up at about 4am to start playing. I've found it's the optimal time - had a decent enough night's sleep that I can game all day without feeling tired!
(Aug 22, 2016)
very tempted to, but don't think I'll have access yet
(Aug 22, 2016)
Anyone pulling an all-nighter on release?
(Aug 15, 2016)
Sooooo, when are we raiding again? was good fun :)
(Aug 05, 2016)
i'm happy all most the 10-8 time for the my demonhunter
(Aug 01, 2016)
9 days till demon hunters wanted ... not long now :)
(Jul 16, 2016)
pre- exspansion patch hits jully 19/20
(Jun 11, 2016)
Haha thanks Toaz!
(Jun 08, 2016)
Woot! Massive grats, Zhai! ;)
(May 20, 2016)
want to connect with us on steam? More here
(May 19, 2016)
arrrgh! ....
(May 12, 2016)
(May 04, 2016)
Toad! Slightly confused about how that got around, but thanks!
(May 03, 2016)
Best of luck tomorrow, Zhai! 'May the Fourth Be With You!' ;)
(Apr 27, 2016)
Oh Ok, nevermind then! :D
(Apr 26, 2016)
We're not currently raiding for the rest of the expansion.
(Apr 25, 2016)
So I'd like to start raiding... what's going on with raiding these days? :)
(Apr 11, 2016)
anyone about that can invite my alt in please Surender on Thundergorn