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War Thunder amazing commercial

by Vedma on Jan 22, 2015 at 09:53 AM}
It is a video advertizing, I believe, a forthcoming game or already playable one from the folks that made World of Tanks. The video is absolutely amazing.


A couple of recent finds I believe are amusing.

In case of fire, tweet!

Wowhead has many funny comments. Here is one!
Gather 'round, for the tale I am about to tell you... is a true tale.

I engaged the almighty Lich King with my Tauren Monk, trained by the greatest masters at the Peak of Serenity (and lots of level grinding) in the formidable arts of Pandaren martial arts.

There we clashed atop the frozen throne, a battle of wills- a glorious thing that NOBODY has ever done before. Ever. I'm not even kidding, guys.

Lo and behold, on his last legs, the Lich King unleashed the terrible fury of frostmourne- which I survived because I'm totally invincible like that- and began his motive rant for the entire campaign of Northrend. I continued to punch his stupid face down to 1 smidgey HP and then some, using him as an impromptu training dummy.

Then I looked up at the Val'kyr he had summoned earlier in the battle, and no faster than I did so than did they notice me looking at them and realized I actually paid attention to them.

And by acknowledging their mechanic, I was unceremoniously hoisted off my hooves, carried to the edge of the Frozen Throne, and dumped off the side like garbage. I despaired until I realized that King Terenas would save my hide anyway, so I just waited.

I was then revived, and I punched the Lich King in the toe while he thrashed about in the souls Frostmourne had held. The finishing blow.

Fuming at the mechanic actually doing it's job, I simply autolooted and glimpsed the reins for a split moment. I rejoiced.

And now here I am, friends, reciting my epic tale of how I got oneshot by the one oneshot mechanic I never even thought about. Then maybe in its gratitude it gave me the horse.

... Downvote me as you may. I found the whole chain of events to be funny.

If you want to reduce your WOW installation by 7GB or so
Until recently my WOW client occupied 35GB or so. I messed it up a little and had to redownload everything from scratch.
The new installation occupies only 28.4GB. So if you want to free up some space on your SSD, you can repeat my trick.

PS: Didn't want to start a new journal record or a thread for this little bit of info.
I do that pretty much every expansion
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