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by Vedma on Nov 14, 2014 at 07:44 AM}
What with one issue or another I couldn't play properly yesterday so browsing the forums was something I wanted to do.
Here are some masterly statements about the current state of the game in a very well-versed form.
And remember, folks, while our gameplay is severely limited to non-existence, US servers are doing fine.

A confirmation of whether Blizzard cares about European players (if you want to know their attitude watch the documentary Looking For Group)
A blue post
Our top priority continues to be service issues impacting performance and long wait times on North American realms. We recently pushed a server change that caused disconnects, and as a result login services are heavily impacted as players attempt to (re)log in to the game.

Garrisons Part 4 – Take Your Place on the Front Lines
They released articles like these when we were deep in shit. A good comment I quote (go ahead and upvote it if you care about the game):
Posting this right now is a slap in the face to all of us who cant use our Garrisons, seriously what a joke.

A great post in the thread Connection & Stability Issues - 13/11. I am sure guildies from UK, who like good English, will appreciate.
I really promised myself not to rage about this, and I'll try not to, because I did expect there to be some problems (and I don't want to be one of *those* people).

Thing is, I've endured every expansion they've ever put out, and I must say this one is worse than all the others put together. Or, you know, pretty bad :P

Now, although I find it somewhat... shady that Blizzard keeps insisting on using inferior servers that really belong in a museum, I suppose I'm kind of okay with things being a mess for the first one or two days.
Even though this is looking to remain a catastrophic mess for quite a while longer, with things only deteriorating further so far.

But okay.

What really set me off was when I found out the US servers are working fine, just like all the other times when the EU side exploded in unplayability. Then I found out that even now blues are posting more on the US forums than here.
And then I saw their LFG documentary.

So, since Blizzard Entertainment nearly literally stated that their EU playerbase are a bunch of worthless morons (regardless of their rectifying statements later on, in which they just twisted their own words and left a bunch of them out to create false context), in kind of fits, doesn't it? One blue only recently started to post some vague updates every few days, and only when things where getting to a boiling point. But really, we have been practically ignored for so long that it just boggles my mind when I truly think about it.

A billion billion dollar company letting a whole continent's worth of players muddle through the dregs of their cheap discarded servers, wheezing away in a rusty shack somewhere in some French backwater pasture; ignoring their whole playerbase on this side of the world and letting the community rot under the tyranny of some corrupt megalomaniac (yes, that one); frequently not receiving updates at all; restraining our ability to provide beta feedback; charging us more but communicating less, and now this - and "this" has been going on longer that just since release.
I'm not prone to excessive use of hyperboles (what? No, really!) but each day now I find it easier to imagine what some people are saying; that Blizzard is actually doing nothing about this for us, employing shady tactics like throwing a bunch of random people off so others can play for a few hours, and just guessing it might resolve itself in a few weeks time, maybe.

Speaking of *those* people: I've always found it kind of silly when someone publicly ragequits, demands compensation or states that they are "disappointed" with Blizzard.
But... I've been playing this game since before day one, and having this septic tank that is Blizzard's utter contempt for their EU playerbase opened, well... It kinda hurts, actually.

So I'm not ragequitting, but if this madness continues any longer without any substantial updates, I think I might just unsub and wait for Dragon Age. Maybe see where all this craziness is at in a moth or two; which is a shame, because I payed for the expansion and was really looking forward to it.

Another post from the same guy. I am a fan now :)
I'm sure I was, and still am, pretty calm ;)
But thanks for not blindly flinging misspelled feces in the general direction of my face :P

I know what the situation is, and I know I cannot expect Blizzard to be omni-whatever. I really do. Even though it's a very large, very rich company (and some bureaucratic sluggishness is to be expected), with mean that obviously reach far beyond the current state of their EU (and maybe other international) services.

So if it's not a problem of resources, time or tech issues, what remains? And does their headquarters being in the US cause them to practically call their EU playerbase incompetent louts whose feeble input isn't even worth reading? I'm not convinced.

When a certain gamestudio in Norway, not very big and hanging on the threads of a decades old success, released two high-profile MMORPG's in a row and came crashing down under the immense pressure, I could understand. When they released a certain barbarian MMO and immediately after release went drinking themselves silly on a company vacation, while the game they just released was already burning, I only chuckled a bit.

But this is Blizzard/Activision we're discussing. They maintain multiple multi-language holdings all over the world. They're making a movie. They're occupying Times Square. Their disclaimer is so tight (like a tiger) that not even God can sue them for being stuck above His garrison on an overgrown dove, wishing He was indeed dead so He could get on with the bloody thing.

It's one thing to lay the blame at time zones and the naturally imperfect march of global domination, but it's another to let things repeatedly explode in the faces of paying customers, shutting all communication down, while scratching their heads and guessing things might figure themselves out because they can't be arsed.


I am going to post good stuff here :)
Welcome To Draenor! Enjoy Your Stay !
A great comment, too
To say that Blizzard has had flawless launches till now is erroneous and the author of the post should most certainly do his homework. Blizzard encountered similar problems 10 years ago when they first launched World of Warcraft. Too few servers for the influx of traffic. In 10 years you would think that Blizzard would be able to get their act together. In fact because of the issues caused during the launch of BC, Blizzard created two starting areas for the third expansion, WoTLK, thus preventing the bottleneck effect they had with BC and the issues that came with that. In effect they did the same with Cataclysm allowing players to choose between Mount Hyjal and Vashj'ir.

Whilst previous expansions have not gone without flaw, I certainly cannot recall a previous launch that was such a mess as this one. Blizzard is blaming DDOS attacks. Really?!? Then how come the European servers experienced the same issues as the US ones did?!? Blizzard has streamlined its operations considerably, whilst their reported profits have been at their highest ever, despite the loss of over 4.5 million subscribers. Blizzard is certainly not hurting. Thus I have very little sympathy for Blizzard and the current dilemma they find themselves in with the launch of WoD.

This is primarily Blizzard's doing and Blizzard's doing alone. Did they not learn from BC and what would happen if you forced people into a bottleneck? Obviously not. Did they not think that merging servers, which of course was for our benefit *coughs*, would not create issues down the road nor the implementation of cross-realm zones cause issues either.

Blizzard has reaped what it sowed. It has obviously not learned anything from the past and has only compounded the problem by trimming the excess so severely that this was inevitable.

I chose not to start the new content yesterday because I knew this would happen. I spent an idyllic day running around levelling my rogue to 90, whilst my poor husband sat there with god knows how many others waiting in queue for hours.
Spare me the bleeding heart comments about how Blizzard was trying to fix it. Allowing players to log in to already over subscribed servers is NOT handling the situation, nor is locking people out of servers any type of fix either. More like a desperate attempt to contain the damage.

Blizzard would be wise to remember who feeds their cash pig. There are many disgruntled players out there who paid a decent sum of money to access a service that Blizzard knew they could not provide.

I do know one thing however, if Blizzard continues to pay little heed to their subscriber base, one day they will find they no longer have one. We are not all eager to take the bullshit that Blizzard all too often feeds us. Loyalty only goes so far.
It turns out Blizzard introduced that facepalm that I saw in the Looking for Group documentary :)
And the official forums are lagging now just like the game. So let me repeat it here (if anyone finds these posts not amusing, please, say so :) )
We're no strangers to lagg
You know the queues and so do I
A full server what I'm thinking of
You wouldn't get this from any other firm

I just want to tell you how I'm feeling
Gotta make you understand

Never gonna let you in, always gonna drop you down
Never gonna quest around and ding 100
Never gonna let you farm, never gonna let you sell
Always gonna tell a lie and hurt you

We've known each other for so long
Your servers been aching but you're too shy to say it
Inside we both know what's been going on
We know the game and we're never gonna play it

And if you ask me how I'm feeling
Don't tell me you're too blind to see

Never gonna let you in, always gonna drop you down
Never gonna quest around and ding 100
Never gonna let you farm, never gonna let you sell
Always gonna tell a lie and hurt you
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