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How to farm Invincible's Reins fast

by Vedma on Nov 02, 2014 at 08:53 AM}
So just like me you want the coolest mount in the game?
According to this comment
1. Get an alt.
2. Clear ICC10 normal up to LK.
3. Transfer raid leader to another person.
4. Switch to your main.
5. Enter ICC and switch to 25man Heroic.
6. Kill LK25HC
7. Next week extend the lock on 10man normal.
8. Transfer raid leader to another person.
9. ...
10. Profit!

The idea is to keep the 10man normal raid save available every week.
To switch to 25man heroic, you have to kill LK25 normal first.
You can easily switch between normal 10man and 25man at any boss.
PS: You can use the same 10man raid save to switch 25man LK heroic for more than one main the same week!


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