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About Steam and useful stuff

by Vedma on Dec 21, 2013 at 09:04 AM}
Some useful Steam-related stuff I'd like to share with all of you, sexy folks :)

There is no reason to use a web browser to access the Steam Store unless you want to check prices in other places by adding ?cc=us or ?cc=ru or ?cc=uk after the address in the URL field. For instance, the game Dragon Age: Origins - Ultimate Edition is available only in the USA and the UK. You can view it by using this URL:

Enhanced Steam
There is an extension for the three most popular browsers -- Opera, Firefox, and Chrome -- that does that and much more. It has a bunch of useful features if you access the Steam store using a web browser instead of the Steam app. I'd like to mention some, which I have found particularly useful and which are the reason I resurfaced here today :)

1. States that it will not steal your Steam account credentials and I have found it to be true so far. It is available from the official sources of extensions that the three browsers offer so I didn't worry much about that.

2. Shows you how much you've spent on your Steam account.

I've been using Steam to buy stuff for about 6 months and I have already spent 378 USD, which surprised me A LOT! I don't think I bought a single game outside sales. A friend of mine spent about 1,000 euros over the period of 18 months or so.

The effect of this feature is very good for your purchasing habits. It makes you stop and think. If the money you earn slip through your fingers like water, you might want to use this extension at least once to see how much you have spent on Steam games already and, what with us all being responsible adults, who don't have much time for entertainment outside living our responsible adult lives, we hardly play those games but World of Warcraft I guess.

And there are some minor features, which are still useful:
Points out 3rd party DRM on games (all the Steam users use Steam to avoid annoying DRM like Starforce or SecureROM, right?)
Highlights the content on Steam you already own
Highlights games on your wishlist
Shows you how much you really save on a bundle (because sometimes you pay extra to buy a bundle. Be warned!)
Displays pricing history for each game

PS: I've just noticed you can press Ctrl + B now to make selected text bold. Finally, Shivtr!


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