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I can haz... a collection of useful forum links

by Vedma on Jul 14, 2013 at 10:22 AM}
Who your fellow guildmates are
The guildies' raiding UI
Fun things
Post-combat report and discussion. Too bad discussions like that need a lot of inventiveness to start the ball rolling.
Useful info about WoW
Headset choice I may continue it one day by talking about wireless headsets.
Pinnacle of my raiding with Wolves: LK25 Normal and Syndragosa 25 Heroic
Can't find my gold making thread for some reason yet.
Diablo 3 thread

And here is a bit of fun stuff for anyone, who comes across this little note of mine.
Minsk metro is flooded due to heavy rain: one month worth of rainwater dropping from the sky within one hour :) I was above the ground driving a car together with my father. I could hardly see the
AZ: Top 20 Epically Cool Anime Characters Part 1 starting with Aizen Souske. Runa approves. Watch at least for 2 minutes, please.
EvAbridged 2.0 Shinji is (not) a Pussy
- Shinji, you are coming in me tonight
- You mean coming with you?
And stuff like that. Hilarious.


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