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How to gear up a fresh lvl90

by Vedma on May 13, 2013 at 05:32 PM}
Levelling from 85 to 90 gives 5-8k gold if no gold is wasted on the auction house while you are levelling.

1. Get ilvl458 crafted gear for all slots but belt and boots.
2. Kill Sha and loot the quest item to get ilvl476 boots for a choice of specs.
3. Do some Throne of Thunder dailies to reach honored (or hand in reputation tokens) and buy ilvl476 belt with gold.
4. Craft Ghost Iron Dragonling as one of the trinkets. If you are rich, get a Darkmoon Faire card for the other slot. Don't forget cogwheels to insert into the engineering trinket.
5. Do the quest in Arena of Annihilation scenario to choose a ilvl450 weapon.
6. Don't forget some enchants and some gems for your gear because you will be using it for some time.

PS: Posted as a journal to allow Google to index it. Vanity! Comments are welcome.

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Run daily scenarios for guaranteed iLvl458 gear as quest reward
Now go straight to Isle of Thunder. get Key to Lei's Palace and get as many coins as possible for loot bonus rolls in normal or LFR.
Increased drop chance on these bonus rolls mean character equipped after a couple of weeks

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