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(Jan 07, 2017)
Although still no actual patch notes!? Wtf blizz
(Jan 07, 2017)
7.1.5 release date and patch notes
(Dec 25, 2016)
Merry christmas all!
(Dec 23, 2016)
have a good christmas all!
(Dec 20, 2016)
Big nerfs to ToV ahead of Nighthold release
(Dec 17, 2016)
Lets hope the new year + new raid = new motivation :-)
(Dec 01, 2016)
Left comment in raid. Assume I am not logging.
(Nov 29, 2016)
(Nov 29, 2016)
friends band that i m collaborating with indygogo launch, if you can participate will even start moving when tanking
(Nov 24, 2016)
Nice one Rob!
(Nov 23, 2016)
It's not very polished I'm afraid.
(Nov 23, 2016)
shameless self publicisation:
(Nov 16, 2016)
Added a picture of my hairy face to the "who are you" thread. Lots of the pictures are broken so I'll need to draw what I think you all look like :)