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(Jun 04, 2017)
And again stuck at work. Wont make it
(Jun 01, 2017)
Electric power fail dunno if i ll make it
(May 18, 2017)
Will be late for raid - will get on when i can
(May 16, 2017)
Alt run up for Mon 22 May, apologies for delay
(May 07, 2017)
Stuck at work wont make it
(May 07, 2017)
Stuck at work wont make it
(May 02, 2017)
gul'dan nerfed, just in time for farm
(Apr 27, 2017)
Alt raid up for Fri 5 May, all are welcome. Check requirements.
(Apr 21, 2017)
Well done folks! All the effort paid off! Sunday will be EN Mythic hopefully. Read up on tactics!
(Apr 16, 2017)
No raid tonight! enjoy your evening :)
(Apr 07, 2017)
New chat system up on forum. Get connected!
(Apr 06, 2017)
Let's make it today 10/10 ;)
(Apr 06, 2017)
Fantastic run last night! 8/10 is nothing to be sniffed at! Pushing progression hard!
(Apr 04, 2017)
really, do check this out
(Apr 03, 2017)
Gz on Elisande kill
(Apr 01, 2017)
on now!!!
(Apr 01, 2017)
Ohh there's a message up on login screen now.
(Apr 01, 2017)
Do they still have battle groups? Because it looks like servers from Misery are affected.