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Guild News

Great start on heroic!

Normal cleared, two bosses down on heroic! Roll on next week!
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Guild News

Is it mean to pull the claws off a giant scorpion....?

A few minutes into the start of our weekly raid week saw us with an almost full raid team! Nippers stepped up and plugged that spot for us, allowing us to go and take a stab at Mythic. A few promising tries later, a swap around of some people, and...
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Guild News

This is our world, not the Legion's!

The picture is a little bit late in coming, but Gul'dan is dead! That marks our clear of heroic content so far!With Tomb of Sargares set to release at the end of June, let's get raid signing and see if we can take out some Mythic bosses!
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Guild News

Die-chondrius more like...

The raid started out with us killing the last two bosses in normal, and then visiting Tel'arn to have a word about dying. As Tichondrius was the only boss left before Elisande, we thought we should probably go and see him too. The Wolves were on ...
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Guild News

Bush trimming on a Sunday night - the Wolves way!

An evening spent with High Botanist proved fruitful. The green fingered boss died with ten minutes left on the raid!Well done to all who persevered and was involved!
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Guild News

Excellent end to a raiding week.

Started out the night by finished Nighthold on normal with a pretty smooth Gul'dan kill. Swiftly moved to carry on our progress in heroic, and progress we did with a further two heroic kills under our belts. Well done to everyone - lets keep the m...
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Guild News

*Enter witty scorpion based title here*

After hitting a fair few bosses on Weds/Thurs in Nighthold, we went back today armed with knowledge and fire! After some positioning issues and ninja pulls, it became apparent that the wee beasty was going down tonight. Unfortunately the raid was...
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Guild News

Looks like Ursoc won't be making it to the picnic....

Started the night out with a quick kill on Nythendra, followed by an amazing first try at Ursoc. Spent the evening ironing out a few bumps, and we were rewarded with a giant fur rug. Well done to everyone this evening, and for Romak for supplying...
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Guild News

Helya sleeps with the fishes tonight!

Big woman with stupid attire is dead! Well done to everyone involved, and some truly heroic actions from some raiders at the last couple of million hp!(The one lone skeleton in the picture does not represent the amount of deaths we had tonight...)
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Guild News

Xavius hunts our dreams no more

Heroic cleared, onwards to mythic!
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Guild News

4/7 Heroic Emerald Nightmare

Excellent work all, keep it up!
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Guild News

Good start on Legion raiding

Looks like we brought just the right amount of bugspray Good job to everyone involved, now on to the next bunch!
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Guild News

There a moose loose about this hoose....

This marks the third Archimonde kill for the guild, and as the new patch hit today, it meant there was suddenly alot of mooses around....
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Guild News

Archimonde heroic down

Well done to all involved!
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Guild News

No one pushes us around and gets away with it!

Really good job from everyone involved, even if you couldn't make it on this night Kill video while I'm at it:
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Guild News

The Wolves had a busy week!

3 new bosses in one week, great work team ! Sorry about the delay posting the kill shots, hopefully you agree it's better late than never :)
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Guild News

Lord Zakuun Fel down!

A big well done to everyone involved in this fight. It got super crazy in the last 10%, with pillars everywhere, and debuffs everywhere, and purple waves get the picture. Definitely glad to say we've got that one down now!
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