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by Zhai on Mar 25, 2016 at 10:30 AM
Blood Wolves of the Moon
Blood Wolves of the Moon is a long standing raiding guild based on EU-Wildhammer.

Since 2006 the guild has been active at least 3 days a week for raids.

Initially a 25 man raiding guild, changes in Cataclysm saw a move to 10 man raiding in multiple teams.

We are currently taking a break from raiding till Legion, but we are recruiting for Legion and fully expect to have a strong team for the beginning of the expansion.

We like to have fun and try our hand at anything, so if you fancy a new challenge or want an active socially inclusive guild click the application tab and give us a whirl.
What's New
Viat added the character Gastra
Viat added the character Viata
Zooky added the character Qwooky
Thelariel added the character Demonshade
Harp added the character Feline
Arnathor added the character Glandorfin
Thelariel added a forum post

Legion is coming...

Pre-expansion patch this Wednesday :D