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by Lemiwinks on Oct 09, 2014 at 11:19 AM
Christmas come early this year as the horde left us lots of boxes to open ... so we did, shame all we got was socks and underwear though.

Great effort and persistence from all involved, we knew it was coming. Despite Meri's best efforts to stop us by doing his stuffed turkey impression on several occasions.

Fantastic way to bring the expansion to a close.

Blood Wolves of the Moon
Blood Wolves of the Moon is a long standing raiding guild based on EU-Wildhammer.

Since 2006 the guild has been active at least 3 days a week for raids.

Initially a 25 man raiding guild, changes in Cataclysm saw a move to 10 man raiding in multiple teams.

We have now got a strong 20 man team going in to WoD, but are still seeking new members for mythic raiding and welcome experienced and new players to join us.

We like to have fun and try our hand at anything, so if you fancy a new challenge or want an active socially inclusive guild click the application tab and give us a whirl.
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Another glorious day!

And another good post from me. It has to be good because there are no other posters but me for now 1. 15 Reasons Why Warlords of Draenor is Better Than MoPA very good presentation of the next expansion. If you are still undecided, watch it. And su...
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The Spoils are no more!

Ohh, congrats all on the kill!
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The Spoils are no more!

Bob we need you.It is getting tiring picking on Pheo alone
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Zhai added a forum post

The Spoils are no more!

Meri done another Braveheart speech? I remember lining up on the steps of Lady Vashj and hearing that same speech!
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The Spoils are no more!

good job guys, i knew that if i stayed away long enough, you'd get it down
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